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Our clients raise their business revenue and personal income by 50-550% in 6 months.

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The course will help you set up a transparent system of money control, find points of revenue growth, optimize spending and show what levers to pull to increase net profits.

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Makhach Khaibaev


Implemented financial planning and increased revenue growth by 200%.

Maxim Gralnik

«Gralnik Licensing»

Introduced a bonus salary system for staff motivation and reduced payroll cost by 23%.

Nikolay Moiseev


Hired 7 new employees and increased revenue by 55%.

Elena Nastinova


Freed up 3-4 hours a day for herself while increased revenue by 30%.

Olga Markina


Increased the number of employees and grew in revenue by 90%.

Alex Molodtsov

«Building base No. 1»

Paid off 70% of debt while making profit each week.

Pavel Fesyunov


Introduced a dividend fund, income increased by $150,000.

Evgeniy Baibekov


Quickly reached breakeven point. reduced expenses and increased income by 50%.


Roman Mysyutin

I have increased my turnover by 25% and net profit by 30% in 6 months, even in the face of a pandemic.

Before the course, i had to close one shop due to low profitability.

Tatyana Maltseva

The increase in profits compared to last year is almost 100%...

May and June are usually the off-season months for my company. But instead of the "standard" 5-6 million... We made 10 million!

Antonina Fedorenko

If we had done this training earlier, we would have saved 2 to 3 million USD.

Now my company has reached a new financial level!

Alla Petri

I used to be short of funds: "I had money in my business account, but my wallet was empty.

With the help of the course, we survived the quarantine without any losses.

Irina Shumovetsksya

I closed crazy debts and made an all-time record for margin income.

The company now has a clear structure, a transparent financial system, and a clear plan for the coming week/month/year.

Rustam Ramazanov

In 2020, I faced a pandemic and had to temporarily close the clinic.

With the help of the course, my company survived, added +30% to income, and now the increase in revenue is 100%.

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